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The Baroque style is theatrical and extravagant, with decorative elements intended to startle, electrify and flaunt one's wealth. The 18th style was popular among the European aristocracy, who were fond of massive and ornate furniture, luxurious textiles, royal and glittery colors, exotic and sparkling accessories, and dramatic floors. The style was most magnificently showcased at France's Louis XIV's palace at Versailles. The decoration and original furnishings at the palace was breathtaking: Its combination of marble and bronze clad walls, woodcarving, plaster work, gilt bronzes, mirrors and oil paintings were truly on an unprecedented scale. The Baroque era saw important developments in the art of upholstery and elaborate hangings. Items such as valances, curtains, decorative drapery and accessories (feathers, plumes and carvings) were used frequently. Tapestry was also prevalent and wall hangings were commissioned for certain rooms. This was also the era that saw the start of the paint effect. Whole rooms were treated to simulate tortoiseshell, lapis and marble. The art of "trompe l'oeil" was applied to wood, making cheap wood resemble expensive or exotic woods.

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