Addressing Invitations
Setting a Table
Brewing and Serving Tea
Writing Letters
Relaxing Outdoors

Isabella Beeton
Daisy Eyebright

Victorian Etiquette

A proper Victorian lady knew how to entertain with style and grace. She made her guests and friends feel welcomed and appreciated, and all who were in her company felt her care and concern. Her attention to detail showed her friends not only her excellent taste but also her concern that each guest knew she was especially invited and honored in her home. While the most important thing about entertaining is a heart of welcome, Eras of Elegance can help you with some of the technical details of entertaining and communicating with grace and style. Questions of etiquette can arise from the time you plan your party to the time your last guest leaves your home. These simple guidelines and instructions adapt old rules of etiquette for modern-day living. Our guide includes essentials for your next party or special event, including instructions on how to address an invitation, how set a proper table and how to brew a pot of tea. We will answer questions from how to address a widowed woman to where to place a dessert spoon. In addition, learn the proper decorum to letter-writing from time of history when propriety and manners reigned.