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George Romney Gallery

George Romney was an English painter whose works became widely popular during the late 18th century. Similar in style to the paintings of Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Joshua Reynolds, Romney's best portraits have an elegance and vigor derived from flowing lines, sensitivity to surface effects, and distinctive grays, pinks, and blacks. Romney was introspective, and attracted to literary circles, including the poets Cowper and Hayley who were his good friends. In about 1781, he became infatuated with Emma Hart, later Lady Hamilton, and he painted her many times as various historical and literary figures. Click on the following thumbnails to view George Romney's works.

Mrs. Thomas Scott Jackson
Clavering Children
Miss Willoughby
Lady Hamilton as Nature
Mrs. Davies Davenport
Lady Hamilton in a Straw Hat
The Spinstress
Lady Emma Hamilton as Ariadne
Date unknown